Our foundation

We are an international, education-driven non-profit organization

with a mission to enhance  academic and skills-based learning for the media and creative industries in Africa.

Convinced that sharing is the essence of knowledge production, we will work with partners to drive the best and most innovative solutions to:

Support education infrastructure projects with targeted learning solutions

Promote pioneering sector-specific research and innovation

Establish a dialogue with industry stakeholders

Source valuable industry equipment

Secure world-class university partnerships


Provide scholarships and facilitate unique networking opportunities for students

We are committed to helping
meet the demand for media studies in Africa by

Bridging the gap between academia & industry

Although the creative and media industries are growing in Africa, human resources are still scarce.

Without practical training, there will continue to be a deficit in the necessary skills and qualifications required to innovate at industry level.

We will link media and academia by coordinating partnerships that deliver vocational courses and training, to help bridge the skills gap the media industry faces in Africa and foster graduate employability.

Bringing world-class universities to the Continent

Most African countries are still developing their higher education systems and do not yet have access to many – or even any – world-renowned institutions.

We aim to create the conditions and connections to attract leading universities from across the United States, Europe and Asia to Africa, helping them set up branch campuses dedicated to media studies, and creating educational and training hubs mixing industry and academic excellence.

Supporting students in their media qualifications

The growth and career of many talented Africans is stunted by a lack of financial resources, access, and opportunities.

We are committed to supporting aspiring media students by offering scholarships for the universities, technical colleges, and vocational programs we will develop; by securing internships with industry partners; and by facilitating career opportunities across the media and creative markets.

Our structure

The African Media Campus Foundation is an independent, non-profit organisation registered in Mauritius.

Our legal status underpins the transparency and inclusivity we strive for in enabling synergies between existing academic and industry resources, for the benefit of Africa and the international media ecosystem.

We are funded by philanthropic donations from external donors, as well as institutional grants.

Our team

The Foundation's secretariat

Handled by the Mauritian management company Sinews Global Ltd., which is part of the Fisconsult-Sinews Group, it provides tailor-made management solutions to its customers, including corporate administration, as it does for the Foundation.

The core team

Handles the day-today development of our vision

The Advisory Board

Supports the Foundation’s mission and drives its strategic direction, develops its goals, and assesses its impact, by leveraging the network and experience of its members.

A word from the founder

There is a huge gap between media industry and media studies in Africa, resulting in graduates struggling to demonstrate employability and market players fearing underqualification.



The creative and media industries are growing all over the Continent, but human resources are still scarce. Higher education and vocational training remain rare due to a lack of infrastructure, equipment, and qualified trainers.



There is a skills gap, which the African Media Campus Foundation seeks to fill. 

We believe we can both help the media industry meet its recruitment needs and support talented young professionals in the pursuit of their professional goals by bringing the industry onto campus. 


Our ambition is to bring together industry leaders and the world’s best media education providers to overhaul media studies in Africa.


We work to promote media studies meeting industry standards and vocational training supplied by industry mentors, putting theory into practice and talent to work.

Why Mauritius ?

Mauritius is a gateway to both Francophone and Anglophone Africa. Perfectly bilingual, connected to Asia and Europe, it is a model of diversity and an ideal destination for both African and international students.

The island benefits from a well-regulated media industry, high-speed broadband connectivity, and a booming education sector, whose continued expansion is a key national priority for the government. Indeed, Mauritius recently announced new policies to facilitate the expansion of campuses to include international university branches, making it the perfect home for our Foundation.

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